To play videos on Cinema Serene Keks

In order to watch all of the compatible videos and movies on Serene, all of the following steps must be followed. You don't need Adobe Flash on our server. Please click the buttons and follow the instructions after you have closed Garry's Mod completely.
  1. Chromium is an up-to-date browser that has replaced Garry's Mod's Awesomium browser. It's disabled by default. To enable it, right click the game from Stean and click "properties"

    Click on the betas tab and from the drop down list, select "x86-64 Testing 64-bit builds" and click "okay."

  2. We use a custom codec plugin that allows Chromium to play various kinds of video and audio that newer video services use. To download click here.

    Please save the file to your desktop. Garry's Mod somtimes deletes the installation, so run it directly from your desktop to save you the hassle later.

    You're all done!
After you're done installing the codec plugin, run the game from the shortcut on your desktop that you created in step 2. If theaters are STILL not working, here's some additional info that might help you.

• Video Cards that are 6 +/- years old
Chromium is Gmod's replacement for the outdated Awesomium browser. Some older and newer video cards might have rendering issues. Try visiting a smaller theater if the larger ones aren't working for you. Newer cards may have rendering problems that we're not aware of, so please reach out to an admin if you're having issues.

• Videos play but there are little ads on some of the videos
This isn't a bug. In the future these will be removed.