Website Update
The website got a small update to help admins keep things from being more burtated than normal. This includes some neat features to help manage players and report bugs, as well as other services to help players enjoy their time on our server. ☺

Map Updated
The map was recently updated to include:

  1. Strippers in the strip club, accessible from the parking garage

  2. Updated help tips on some of the puzzles in Ancient Egypt

  3. Optimizations to the Catbox Theaters in Serene's Theater

  4. A bug fix: Antlions now spawn in the Crystal Caves once again

Future updates will take place throughout the month of March to fix sound and functionality issues, and will include additional gameplay optimizations and new features we hope you will enjoy!

Egypt Updated!!!
The Ancient Egypt area of the map has been completely updated and is now fully functional. You can enter this area of the map by using the elevator in the theater or the manhole outside of the theater.

Included in this update was an updated puzzle that is more "Burtated" than ever. When playing the Puzzle, you should note:

  1. If you are killed in the puzzle, you can return after respawning by typing "!puzzle" in chat.

  2. The checkpoints in the Puzzle are activated by pulling the exit and entry levers.

  3. If you don't pull any levers, you don't have any checkpoints to return to

  4. The entry lever into the next puzzle will reset the previous one. If with a group, it's best to wait for their slow butts.

  5. The button at the end of the puzzle awards Kekchipz. It will only work once per person. Each person must press it to collect their points.

In addition to this update, some content was removed inadvertently. These items conflict with content created by Crizz P. and will be substituted at a later date:

  1. Some of the content within the Honored Members area has been removed.

  2. Some of the content within Gentle Bob's Bar has been removed,

  3. The Daris Darisson and Taris Tazen theaters have been replaced by larger Catboxes.

  4. The previous Boxes were expanded for a larger screen size.

  5. Some of the content within Tips 'N Tricks was removed

  6. Decals were temporarily removed and will be reimplemented again.

Thanks for playing on Serene! ☺

Egypt Update
The update that was to take place on 12/24/2021 will now take place in January. An update will post to the Loading screen and Discord Channel as well as to once it has been made live on the server.

Coming Soon - Egypt Revamped
A much-needed update to the Ancient Egypt area of the map will be coming to Cinema Serene Keks on Christmas Eve. Please join us and celebrate this holiday season.

Map Layout Update - Portal Halls
The portal hall has been replaced with a more suitable area. All three portals are now easily accessible by using the lift in the main theater building or the manhole outside of it.

Server IP Address Update
The server now has a new IP address. You can use the console command connect or locate it in the game browser window as before. If you favorited the server, you'll need to do so again.

Improved mining and custom weapons
On September 25th at 7 pm PST, the map will get a major update. This will include new weapons, as well as a fix to the items in the store that are not functioning correctly. In addition to this, the Crystal Caves' layout has changed. This allows you to mine crystals and fight antlions that occasionally spawn.

9:00 pm PST - Update will occur
The aforementioned update will take place at 9:00 pst, and will take approx. 30 to configure. We appreciate your patience as we continue to make serene keks even more fun ☺

Update on Saturday 9/11/2021
There's a scheduled update coming to Serene Keks soon. In this update the following changes are taking place:

  • The caves have mineable crystals that award varying amounts of Kekchipz

  • Some crystals will spawn sandlions when mined

  • You will be able to die

  • The manhole outside the theater leads to the portals to Egypt, the Zombie Arena, and the Caves.