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Max Burtations
Welcome to Cinema Serene Keks.

This site is to serve as a resource for additional information about our Garry's Mod server, and where information can be found about its development. The map is currently undergoing a lot of changes, so please be patient with us as we continue to develop it.

Check out the status page for more information about what changes lie ahead, and what changes have been made already. If you wish to report a bug or make a suggestion, please contact us through the staff links below.

If you've visted the server and you were directed here for theater help, click out the link above.

Ancient Egypt is Fully Updated
The Ancient Egypt area of the map has been completely updated and is now fully functional. You can enter this area of the map by using the elevator in the theater or the manhole outside of the theater.

Included in this update was an updated puzzle that is more "Burtated" than ever. When playing the Puzzle, you should note:

  1. If you are killed in the puzzle, you can return after respawning by typing "!puzzle" in chat.

  2. The checkpoints in the Puzzle are activated by pulling the exit and entry levers.

  3. If you don't pull any levers, you don't have any checkpoints to return to

  4. The entry lever into the next puzzle will reset the previous one. If with a group, it's best to wait for their slow butts.

  5. The button at the end of the puzzle awards Kekchipz. It will only work once per person. Each person must press it to collect their points.

In addition to this update, some content was removed inadvertently. These items conflict with content created by Crizz P. and will be substituted at a later date:

  1. Some of the content within the Honored Members area has been removed.

  2. Some of the content within Gentle Bob's Bar has been removed,

  3. The Daris Darisson and Taris Tazen theaters have been replaced by larger Catboxes.

  4. The previous Boxes were expanded for a larger screen size.

  5. Some of the content within Tips 'N Tricks was removed

  6. Decals were temporarily removed and will be reimplemented again.

Thanks for playing on Serene! ☺

All our admins appreciate any feedback or information about the map's playability.

Who is Serene Though?
If you haven't experienced her Burtation, check out the video for yourself. Our Empress is featured throughout the theater lobby in some pretty cool posters. She can also be found throughout the map. Serene Branson gave a once-in-a-lifetime report that many thought was a stroke caught on live TV.

See it for yourself...
What's up with the cats?
Do you really have anything to say about them though?

In our theaters you will find cats in various places for absolutely no reason what so ever. One even sells tokens for the arcade. There's also a few in various areas of the map, lurking in the shadows.

Don't mess with the kitties. They will sh*t in your shoe and steal your kekchips!